Open Source Audio Meeting Cologne
proudly presents:

Open Source Music Nexus Challenge

Let's make some awesome Open Source music!


  1. Make a music track, adhering to the following rules:
    1. The track should be in-the-style-of a well-known artist or song of your choosing (but not a cover, remix or blatant copy).
    2. It must incorporate a recording of a physical sound source, which you made yourself (e.g. you playing an instrument or singing, or a field recording, etc.).
    3. You may use only Open Source software (proprietary DAWs are allowed as an exception).
  2. Upload it to under a Creative Commons license, and
  3. Submit it into the competition.

Before you enter the competition, be sure to check out the detailed rules!

When: The competition starts on September 19th, 2019 and runs for one month until the end of October 19th, 2019.

Who: Everybody (i.e. every natural person) can enter the competition. The tools to use are Free Software and getting started with music production using Open Source software is easy and free to everyone!

Winning: The winner of the competition is selected by general vote. Voting starts on October 20th, 2019 and is open for seven days. The entry receiving the most points wins and will be presented at the third Sonoj Convention, which takes place on the weekend of October 26th / 27th in Cologne. Second and third places will be awarded as well. We do not give out physical prizes, but the winners will get free mastering of one or more of their songs and, of course, will receive fame and glory :) and the community as a whole also wins!

Please share this announcement to all interested parties. If you wish to sponsor prizes for the competition winners, please contact the organizers!

Goals of the Competition

  • To promote and encourage creativity and musicality.

  • To promote the use of Open Source software for music production and composition and the awesome Open Source software synthesizers and effect plugins available for everyone.

  • To encourage learning of the principles and application of sound design, recording and mixing techniques among musicians.

  • To help broaden the audience for Open Source musicians.

  • To encourage a culture of sharing and to catalyze the generation of original, liberally licensed material (e.g. audio tracks, stems, presets, project files etc.) for the free and remix culture.

  • And last, but certainly not the least, to hear and enjoy some awesome music!


  • The winners of the first, second and third prize get a free mastering of one or more of their songs. For details see the prizes page.

  • There are no monetary or physical prizes.

  • Of course, the winner receives eternal glory in the eyes of the Open Source Music community and the incredible feeling of achievement and creative satisfaction!

  • Also, the winning entry, and the second and third placements will be presented at the third Sonoj Convention in Cologne on the weekend where the voting period ends (26./27.10.2019)!

  • We will work with Open Source community sites to promote the contest as a whole and the winning entry in particular.

  • If you want to sponsor a prize, please get in touch with the organizer of the competition. Please note that the organizers can't ship physical prizes, so shipping would have to be part of the sponsorship as well. We think that vouchers for online (music/equipment) shops, trainings, mixing and mastering services, or services related to the promotion of the competition entries or the contestants would probably work best. But we are open to hearing your ideas!