Here we will answer questions, which we receive, and whose answers we deem important to or interesting for all participants.

Q: Why is it called the "Nexus Challenge"?

A: Because it is the year 2019 and the task is to replicate something.

Q: Are collaborations or group entries or contributions from others allowed?

A: Yes, collaborations with and contributions from other people are allowed. Collaborators and / or contributors must be specified in the notes when submitting the entry.

You can give a group name as the artists name when submitting your entry or the name of the main entrant.

Q: Is there a discussion forum where I can post questions about the competition or share tips and ideas with other participants?

A: Yes, we have created a general discussion thread for the Nexus Challenge on the forum. Please follow this link:

Open Source Music Nexus Challenge Discussion

We will add to more questions and answers to this section when required. Please check back often!