The Winner

The first place in the competition goes to:

“Another Day” by Spotlight Kid


There are 8 competition entries and 26 users have voted on them.

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Open Source Music Nexus Challenge (151 Mb)

The challenge results were presented at the Sonoj Convention 2019 in Cologne. You can download a PDF file of the slides of the presentation or the OpenDocument Presentation (ODP).

Position Artists Title Score
1 Spotlight Kid Another Day 89
2 Jeanette C. Silver 74
3 Michele Marangon Rainbow Brain 68
4 Nomys_Tempar Expression 43
5 chance to tliwosc Die Muckis des Jindrich Zank 32
6 Georg Berger Gemuesetreppe a la Reich 32
7 Maple Dye Hey Mister Mixer 26
8 cubic elements No Neep Fake 26

(results as a CSV file)

Competition Scores Graph