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by Jeanette C.

Submitted by jeanette_c on 2019-09-26 20:13 UTC

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A song in the style of Imogen Heap around the time of 2006's album Speak For Yourself and 2009's album Ellipse. A bit of electronica, a bit of glitch and a very personal motif with obscure lyrical references.

Production details:

No GUI involved. Synthesizers used: Yoshimi all melodic instruments (Jeanny's Genius Soundset, update to be released soon) Csound (for electronic drums and granular processing LinuxSampler: loaded with sampled Csound drums and other environmental sounds Zoom H4N handheld recorder: for a few field recordings Midish (rmidish): for MIDI sequencing and arranging Nama/Ecasound: all audio recording, mixing and mastering Used Plugins in mixing and mastering: Calf LADSPA plugins (Phaser) TAP LADSPA plugins (TubeWarmth, Stereo Echo, Limiter) CAPS LADSPA plugins (mono/stereo Plate reverb, Chorus) Fons Adriaensen's 4-band parametric filter Alexander Ehlert's Glame filters (lowpass and highpass) G2verb Calf LV2 vocoder Internal Ecasound effects

For conversions, tagging and other small external tasks: ecasound, csound, sox, sndfile-convert, zresample, flac, metaflac

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