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die muckis des jindrich zank

by chance to tliwosc

Submitted by eu/daimon on 2019-09-30 15:32 UTC

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this piece has been recorded while experimenting with acoustic drums and synthesizers. the idea of this project (i. e. chance to tliwosc) is to create improvised music with both instruments in an interactive way: I just play the drums, and doing so the synthesizers begin to play, too. they react on what comes from the drums (nor do I play any keyboard nor do I know what musical note or figure will be played by the synthesizers - magic :) ). eventually, I react again on what the synthesizers do - and so forth ... of course, I control the dramaturgy of the music like effects, loops (both not in this piece), dynamics and so on.

"die muckis des jindrich zank" is a spontaneous and slighty rushed recording; and what came out (as to how I would describe it) is a lively yet dreamy, funny, forward pressing observation.

Production details:

Reaper (Cockos, native Linux version)

plugins (all native linux):

  • while playing and recording:
    Audio to Midi Drum Trigger (Stillwell, JSFX)
    Surge Synthesizer (Vember, VSTi; preset: major 7 mkII)

  • for post processing:
    Luftikus (LKJB, VST)
    Buttercomp2 (airwindows, VST)
    Density (airwindows, VST)
    Wider (airwindows, VST)
    Refine (LKJB, VST)

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