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by Nomys_Tempar

Submitted by Nomys_Tempar on 2019-10-17 07:33 UTC

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The idea behind the track was to evoke the drum'n bass style of Pendulum in songs like the Voodoo People remix or Streamline. So I aim for heavy synths, eerie background and fast tempo. A bit of voice and guitar to bring some sound diversity and here we go !

Production details:

System is Debian Testing.


  • Ardour
  • Hydrogen (with The Black Pearl 1.0 kit)
  • Jackd


  • Helm
  • ZynAddSubFX
  • A-Fluid
  • Obxd


  • Guitarix
  • EQ10Q Stereo & Mono
  • Invada Compressor
  • Limiter Stereo - Begrenzer Stereo
  • PitchedDelay
  • Dragonfly Reverb
  • LV2 Convolution Stereo
  • GxFuzzMaster
  • GxMXR Distortion
  • A-Compressor Stereo
  • A-delay
  • LV2 Amplifier
  • Ensemble Chorus
  • Bitta
  • GxVoodoo Fuzz
  • GxChorus - Stereo
  • dRowAudio : Distortion Shaper
  • AM Pitchshifter

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