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Another Day

by Spotlight Kid

Submitted by Spotlight Kid on 2019-10-19 22:20 UTC

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This track is an homage to Italo Disco, and more specifically to the songs Valerie Dore - The Night and Laura Brannigan - Self Control. There are a few nods to other tracks from the era and in the last part I up the cheese factor a notch and veer straight into 70s disco.

All instruments and drums were created in software, the recording part was the tracking of the vocals, which performed by Julia Cramer (with some background vocals by me added later as well).

Lead Vocals: Julia Cramer

Background Vocals: Julia Cramer, Christopher Arndt

Synthesizers & Production: Christopher Arndt

Music & Lyrics: Christopher Arndt

All project file can be eventually found here.

Production details:


Ardour 5


  • Dexed - Bass, Plucks
  • drumkv1 - Drums (Samples)
  • Geonkick - Snare sample
  • Oxe FM - Bells
  • String Machine - Synth Strings
  • TAL Noize Mak3r - Bass, Pad, Bells, Harpsi, Vocoder Carrier


Only LV2 plugins:

  • Calf Compressor Mono + Stereo
  • Calf Limiter
  • Calf Multiband Compressor
  • Calf Vintage Delay
  • EQ6Q Equalizer Mono
  • falkTX MIDI Transpose
  • Stone Phaser Stereo
  • String Machine Stereo Chorus
  • TAL Vocoder II
  • x42-comp
  • YK Chorus
  • Zita-Reverb

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