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Rainbow Brain

by Michele Marangon

Submitted by michelemarangon on 2019-10-19 16:48 UTC

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I've created this tune on purpose for this challenge, trying to follow Jimi Hendrix style at first... Then other musical influences showed up in my mind during the creative process, I'm sorry about that but it was a spontaneous workflow... Preparing such a number in one month (spare) time has not been an easy task to perform. I couldn't help but choosing Hendrix, because his music has always been my main source of inspiration. I don't know if I've reached the goal but at least I've tried, and I'm somehow proud of having been using only open source software to do that, exception made for the DAW. I'm sure Jimi would support open source operative systems and software developing too, if he was still alive.

Production details:

DAW: Linux Reaper v5.981 (tracking, editing & mixing), Ardour 5.12.0 (mastering)
Drum programming: drmr lv2 loaded on Carla-Rack, Drum kits created with Hydrogen, Drum samples selected from the free Jazz Funk drum kit by Orange Tree Samples (I think its license is compatible with rule 9: a Hydrogen drum kit based on the original has been created and freely distributed)
Plugins : Calf lv2 (Compressor, Limiter) ; Calf Reverb bridged with lv2vst, Airwindows vst (Console6, Distance, Capacitor, Chorus, EQ, DeEss, Drive, PurestGain, Logical4, NC-17, Tremolo, NonlinearSpace, Highpass, GuitarConditioner); KlangFalter vst by HiFi-LoFi; Guitarix lv2 (GxAmplifier-Mono, GxRangeMaster loaded on Carla-Rack FX ; Gx Wah bridged with lv2vst); Invada lv2 Stereo Phaser (bridged with lv2vst); Sonic Anomaly JSFX (VOLA, Transpire, S.LA.X); mda vst (Stereo); DISTRHO vst (Ping Pong Pan); Luftikus vst by lkjb
Audio Editor: mhWaveEdit
Operative System: Xubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

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